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Wonders dentistry offers comprehensive dentistry for adults and children, minimizing referrals to specialists. Treatment under general anesthesia is available to those who are anxious about dental treatment. New patients are always welcome and greatly appreciated. We consider ourselves a family clinic giving our services to you with the maximum level of care and concern, and the minimum value of money for the quality offered.
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Our Journey with Our Dentists

Founder of Wonders Dentistry Clinic The beginning was in 2011 when Dr. Ahmed Saeed had his MFDS degree; which is the acronym for Members of the Faculty of Dental Surgery. Passing the MFDS examination has made him become a member of the UK Royal College. That’s when he decided to keep going forward and never quit. Along the way, he became very familiar with the subjects of MFDS degree and with the British dental education system, he even started his own dental educational center in Egypt. As a matter of fact, he is still giving courses to hundreds of successful dentists in the country. He is the founder of EasyWay training center. In 2016, Saeed had total quality management for health care professionals diploma from the American University in Cairo. He also has stated in the same year; a very reputable Master degree in orthodontics from the University of Dundee, a leading dental school in Scotland, UK. in 2019, He finished his orthodontic master degree with honor. because he believes that learning should never stop, He is now attached in one of the strongest master programs in implantology in the famous Goethe dental school, University of Frankfurt, Germany.

Dr. Ahmed Saeed

In 2014, Dr. Mohamed Saeed had his MFDS degree which allowed him to be exposed to different treatment protocols and to be oriented with the British way of thinking and problem-solving in daily practice.
In 2019, He finished his Orthodontics Masters degree from Al-Qasr Al-Einy, Cairo University. He is an expert in dealing with children and their dental health and he is one of the best to manage complex orthodontic cases and cases of skeletal disorders.

Dr. Mohammed Said

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