Cosmetic Dentistry

First impressions last. Therefore, your smile must have a special sparkle that reflects your confidence in yourself

With Wonders Dental Clinics, we provide you with all medical solutions with the best results and the lowest costs required to obtain those results.

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most difficult specialties in dentistry because it often requires more than one specialty with a long treatment plan until we reach a satisfactory result and the perfect smile.

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How design the perfect smile?

Cosmetic dentistry is a great science that does not only depend on improving the appearance of the front teeth or upper teeth, but cosmetic dentistry depends primarily on digital smile design to be consistent with the details of the patient’s face, the position of the lips, and the size of the nose.

First, begins with a photo session for digital dental photography in the clinic’s beauty studio, where the dentist takes photos for the upper and lower teeth and the relation between the jaws, as well as photos of the face and jaws from the outside, then taking initial impressions and molds of the teeth.

Second, the CAD-CAM specialist or the cosmetic dentist performs, where he enters all these images and data into the digital smile design software, and then the software designs the smile that matches the patient’s appearance and the shape and size of the lips, nose, and distance between the eyes. The dentist also suggests the appropriate color for the patient So that it matches the color of the patient’s skin and the color of the eyes so that the teeth eventually look the same shape and color as the natural teeth.

Third, to try the new smile in the patient’s mouth after making a wax-up or plastic maquette to obtain the patient’s approval for the new smile, and then the doctor directly prepares the teeth and prepares for the final lenses.

Does one dentist make cosmetic dentistry?

In many cases, the patient needs a medical team that includes more than one specialty in dentistry to reach the best result. The team includes a prosthodontist who prepares the teeth and a periodontist who performs cosmetic shaping of the gums when needed. The team also includes orthodontists and teeth whitening. to treat one condition.

What is the duration of cosmetic dentistry?

There is no specific time for dental cosmetic surgery, and the duration depends on the difficulty of the situation and the modifications required to make them smile. Dental cosmetic surgery may take one day or may extend to more than 6 months.

How are the color of the teeth chosen?

Dentists rely on their own sense and skills to choose the color of the teeth to match the color of the natural teeth. At the Wonders Dental Center, we choose the colors using the Vita Easy Shade device, which is the most accurate global device for determining the degree of color with ease.

Do I need to drill my teeth for cosmetic dentistry?

Between the cosmetic dentistry specialists and the patient share a decision to restore the teeth depends on the size and prominence of the teeth and the size of the made of modifications.

What is a composite veneer?

Veneers or dental lenses are a thin layer of thickness not exceeding 0.3 mm. Veneers glue and fix on the surface of the teeth to modify the color and shape of the teeth and improve the appearance of the smile. The best material for making lenses is Emax, which is characterized by high transparency, beauty, hardness, and color stability for life, but these veneers are expensive.

Some resort to the solution of composite veneers, which is the manufacture of a lens using cosmetic fillings, and it is also of a beautiful shape, and modify the color and shape of the teeth with it, but its color is not stable.

What are the types of dental veneer?

Dental veneers are thin crusts made of porcelain, Emax or zirconium and are glued and installed on the surface of the teeth to modify the color or adjust the size and shape of the teeth.

The best type of dental veneer is Emax veneer, which is characterized by transparency, purity of colors, and strong color proof, and there are also zircon veneer, which are less beautiful than Emax, and finally composite lenses or cosmetic fillings are available.

What is the price of cosmetic dentistry?

The price of cosmetic dentistry in the best cosmetic dental centers in Egypt ranges from 2500 to 5000 Egyptian pounds, and the cosmetic is always with the best cosmetic Emax materials