Our center

In our Best Dental Clinics, our patients deserve the best and all members of the Wonders family work hard to provide the best possible experience at every patient visit.

They are the basis of what we do, so it is natural that we do our best to provide in-clinic facilities, comfortable places for waiting, examination, and treatment.

Our clinic is based on technology, in addition to experts specializing in family treatment to ensure accurate detection and early detection of all cases to ensure that complications do not occur.

Every doctor, assistant, or employee in our centers complies with strict ethical rules in their directions at every step of the treatment.

So that we always raise the interest of the patient and the management of Wonders centers ensures full compliance with all the quality rules for medical institutions.

We are proud that over the past ten years, the satisfaction rate of patients visiting the clinic has been close to 99% based on the written questionnaires provided after the completion of each step of the treatment.

Which reflects the clinic’s approach to putting the patient first before anything else.

Best Dental Clinics
أفضل عيادات أسنان فى مصر

Facilities provided in the clinic

  • 3D ray, panorama, and cephalo device
  • Nerve filling devices, endodontics, and Japanese nerve length measuring devices
  • A digital scanner to take measurements without dough
  • Rotary neural channel cleaning devices to ensure accuracy and speed
  • Biolase laser gum surgery
  • The clinic has a professional studio for smile design and Hollywood smile
  • Digital X-ray machines for proper diagnosis
  • Dental implants of the global type W&H
  • Piezosurgery unit for bone manipulation
  • German teeth whitening device white smile
  • Of course, the latest sterilization devices are available

Our vision

To become a pioneer in providing the Best Dental Clinics services in Egypt and the Arab world
By providing the latest amenities and the latest technology in the field of dental medicine and surgery.

Our mission

We hope to provide the best health care in a safe and reliable environment
Through doctors and service providers at the highest level of specialization and training, and through modern, high-quality equipment and facilities.

And the latest technologies in the field of implantation and orthodontics, bearing in mind the interest of patients and their families in the first place.

We aim to create a long-term bond and relationship with our trustworthy patients by providing exceptional medical service.

And providing the best available solutions that are commensurate with the patients’ health and interests.