According to the statistics of the American Orthodontic Association, more than 50% of people suffer from maxillofacial abnormalities in general and dental abnormalities. However, This malocclusion affects the appearance of the face and the smile, and this may lead to depression and loss of self-confidence in children. It is recommended to treat these problems through orthodontics at an early age.

What are the benefits of orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the ideal treatment for these deformities.
The metal braces device consists of orthodontic brackets, which are glued to the surface of the tooth, and some wires are installed in the brackets to move the teeth through them to reach the perfect smile. The orthodontist is aware of the position of the lips, the position of the gums, and the relationship of the teeth to the appearance of the face.

What are the disadvantages of orthodontics?

Main disadvantage of orthodontic treatment is length of treatment, as the treatment period ranges from one to 5 years, depending on the difficulty of the case and the level of complexity.

Also, the unaesthetic appearance of wires and braces may be un-pleasant to some patients, however we can overcome this problem by using clear aligners or ceramic braces.

What is the price of Orthodontic in Egypt?

Prices of orthodontic in Egypt in the best orthodontic center range from 7,000 to 20,000 Egyptian pounds.
It depends on the difficulty of the case, the length of treatment, and the type of used braces.

What are the capabilities of the orthodontic center?

The center has metal braces, transparent braces, movable braces, functional appliances, and daemon braces are available.
The center also has a panoramic radiology unit, cephalometric x-rays, and a digital imaging unit to record the treatment steps step by step.

What is the appropriate age to start orthodontic?

The appropriate age to start the orthodontic process is from the age of 9 in many cases, and there is no upper age limit, as adults can benefit from orthodontics to obtain a beautiful smile and healthy teeth.

Why choose Wonders Dentistry?

  • The only center that has two doctors with a master’s degree in orthodontics.
  • Dr. Ahmed Saeed holds clinical training and a master’s degree from the prestigious University of Dundee
  • Dr. Mohamed Said holds a master’s degree from Cairo University
  • We are distinguished by achieving the best results in the fastest period
  • Various payment plans are available
  • The center has 3D x-rays, panoramic x-rays, and a digital imaging unit
  • The center has transparent and metal braces
  • Specialized in treating complex dental and maxillofacial cases
  • Provides a surgical orthodontic unit in cooperation with maxillofacial surgeons
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