Some people consider braces as one of the things that they must hide and negatively affects their self-confidence. Therefore, Wonders Clinics has provided clear aligners.
It guarantees accurate correction of teeth places, impressive results, speed in steps, and an aesthetic form without the appearance of wires and brackets for metal braces.

تقويم الأسنان الشفاف - Clear Aligners

What is a transparent braces?

The transparent braces are a set of transparent plastic trays that the patient wears on an ongoing basis.
To improve the position of the teeth and treat tooth deformation to obtain a beautiful smile and attractive appearance without the need for the bad appearance of the metal braces or traditional braces.

What are the advantages of transparent braces over traditional metal braces?

It is characterized as having less impact on the teeth as it does not need adhesive or chemicals when installing the braces and it is easy to remove, clean, and clean the teeth, which prevents the accumulation of food and waste residues on the teeth.

It is very suitable for less complex orthodontic cases and simple to medium cases.
The Elderly adults prefer this type of braces, people with prestigious jobs and businesses that require interaction with the public.

Is Clear Aligners suitable for all cases?

Clear aligners are not suitable for impacted canine cases, open bite cases, and cases of severe crowding that require tooth extraction.

What is the duration of wearing clear aligners?

Wearing the transparent orthodontic device throughout the day and during sleep, and not completely removed except during eating and during cleaning.

What is the price of clear aligner?

Clear aligners are available in the best orthodontic center in Egypt at prices ranging from 10,000 to 20 thousand Egyptian pounds.
To determine the price of the aligner is after a clinical examination and the necessary x-rays.

What are the steps of the clear orthodontics?

The first step of treatment is to make the necessary x-rays and take digital pictures of the face, teeth, and jaws.
Then the orthodontist prepares the molds of the teeth, and the plastic trays within a week of the start of the first interview.