Some people suffer from yellow or dark teeth with age, and they seek teeth whitening [ Dental Bleaching ] as a suitable and effective solution to this problem.

What are teeth whitening or dental bleaching?

Teeth whitening is the process of lightening the color of dark teeth by shining a laser on the enamel layer or using some chemical bleaches, whether in the dental clinic or at home.

What are the types of teeth whitening?

A professional manner makes Teeth whitening in the dental clinic, either by laser bleaching, which is the best and safest method

As this method does not cause sensitivity in the enamel layer or erosion of the outer layer of the teeth or through the Zoom device, where the dentist targets the light from the zoom device on the surface of the teeth leading to a change in the color of the teeth.

The least safe method is chemical whitening as it causes some complications such as increased sensitivity of the teeth. Finally, there is home bleaching, where the patient uses a specific prescription or toothpaste to lighten the color of the teeth
But not recommending to all patients as it takes a longer time and, with misuse, may lead to abrasion of the teeth.

Are teeth whitening last for life?

Teeth whitening does not last for life and only lasts from one to two years, but you can repeat the teeth whitening process at intervals to maintain the desired color.

What is the effectiveness of teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is one of the most common dental cosmetic procedures and results vary from one patient to another depending on the degree of teeth color and external influences.In general, the teeth whitening process causes the teeth to lighten by 4 to 8 degrees.

What are the causes of yellow or dark teeth?

The color of the teeth may be dark due to problems in the formation of the enamel layer.
The most common causes of this type are genetic factors, the use of certain medications during pregnancy, the use of large amounts of toothpaste at an early age.

The yellowing of the teeth may be due to acquired factors such as smoking, excessive drinking of coffee
As well as some foods such as beets, which cause the accumulation of pigments on the surface of the teeth.

Are there natural recipes for teeth whitening?

Some people are keen to use some natural recipes to lighten the color of the teeth
Such as apple cider vinegar and banana peel and the use of salt to change their color, but it is not recommended to use these recipes as they cause erosion and abrasion of the outer layers of the teeth
To increase the sensitivity of the teeth and the occurrence of acid erosion and decay of the enamel layer.

Are teeth whitening safe during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

There are no risks from teeth whitening, whether on the mother or on the fetus during pregnancy, but we recommend postponing teeth whitening until after birth.
Due to the length of the whitening process and not causing any exhaustion for the mother during pregnancy.

Does dental bleaching work for all patients?

The treating dentist chooses the ideal method for cosmetic dentistry after clinical examination and review of the patient’s history.
Note that some cases do not respond to teeth whitening
Such as cases of gray teeth, cases of erosion of the enamel layer, and more complex cases of yellowing of the teeth.

What is the price of teeth whitening?

The price of the teeth whitening in the best dental beauty and whitening center in Egypt ranges from 2500 to 5000 Egyptian pounds, depending on the type used.