Dr. Ahmed Saeed Successful Story

Dr. Ahmed Saeed obtained his Bachelor of Dental Medicine and Surgery from October 6 University in 2009 with a very good grade with honors.

So, Once he completed his clinical training [year of internship] he began to study the British fellowship MFDS.
Which is an accredited international certificate that increased his knowledge of international research.
And through which he became acquainted with the Level of dentistry in England and he already obtained a fellowship from the British Royal College of Surgeons in 2012 to start immediately after looking for a new challenge.

Therefore, He began studying for a diploma in health quality management at the American University in Cairo to learn the correct foundations in managing health facilities and clinics.

Moreover, how to manage quality by taking advantage of the capabilities of teamwork and emphasizing the idea of ​​specialties in dentistry.

Accordingly, He finished his diploma in 2014 and then joined the University of Dundee in Scotland to study for a master’s in orthodontics. He obtained a master’s degree in 2017.
So, in the same year, he joined Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany, to study for a master’s degree in dental implantology, and obtained a second master’s degree in 2020.

Thus, Dr. Ahmed Saeed is the only dentist in Egypt who holds two master’s degrees in the field of orthodontics and implantology and his journey with continuing education has not ended as he continues his search for new challenges and new graduate studies.

د. أحمد سعيد
د/ احمد سعيد علي لقب زميل كلية الجراحين الملكية البريطانية
After Dr. Ahmed Saeed Ali obtained the title of Fellow of the British Royal College of Surgeons.
Next, He established a training center to qualify dentists and help them pass the British fellowship exams MFDS.

And he was keen on transmitting knowledge to young doctors and conveying a complete picture of the European level of dentistry to dentists in Egypt and the Arab countries.

Then, Dr. Ahmed Saeed participated in educational courses for many dentists in the fields of orthodontics and implantology, as well as in the field of qualification to pass European exams.
Where he even provided his courses in Cairo, Jeddah, Riyadh, and Kuwait. He also participated with his lectures in many international and local conferences.

Recently, establishing Wonders Dental Centers, he took advantage of his studies to set up a tight quality system to provide medical services with his team at the highest level and with the best results.

Currently, Dr. Ahmed Saeed finds his enjoyment in treating the most complex cases.
Lots of Cases of complete dental implants, and cases of jaw rehabilitation, as his study of orthodontics.

Equally, Helps him in controlling the occlusion between the jaws with great precision and taking into account the vertical dimension and the transverse lines of the face and lips to give patients a more youthful and lively appearance.

Besides, his master’s degree in implantology in Germany helped him treat the most difficult cases of bone implants, sinus lift operations, gum implantation, and grafting.