A natural tooth consists of 3 layers: the outer enamel layer, the dentin layer, and the nerve of the tooth.

Tooth decay begins to occur in the enamel layer and is never painful. If tooth decay neglects, it reaches the dentin layer, where the patient begins to feel some varying degrees of pain, and then the decay reaches the nerve of the tooth. In this case, the pain is severe and the patient cannot bear it, and in many cases, the pain prevents the patient from sleep.

In the event that tooth decay reaches the nerve of the tooth, there are no solutions for the patient except to extract the tooth or make a nerve filling for the affected tooth.

Root canal treatment

What is endodontic treatment or root canal treatment?

It is the process of cleaning tooth decay, cleaning the nerve chamber and nerve channels from decay and all bacteria, then filling the canals with guttaburcha to replace the damaged nerves, then filling the outer crown with a cosmetic filling.

Is endodontic treatment painful?

Usually, filling of the nerve without pain and is in one or two visits depending on the condition of the age and the extent of nerve damage, but after the nerve filling is finished, the patient may feel some varying pains, especially with pressure on the tooth, and these pains disappear gradually within a week from the end of the filling.

Is it necessary to make a crown after endodontic treatment?

Make a crown after completing endodontic treatment to protect the molar and prevent its breakage, as the tooth becomes relatively weak endodontic treatment and in most cases.

What are the symptoms of caries reaching the nerve of the tooth?

If inflammation occurs in the nerve of the tooth, the pain is severe with cold foods and drinks and the pain prevents the patient from sleeping or makes him wake up from sleep several times. If the infection lasts long enough, swelling or a tooth abscess may occur.

In many cases need to take care of the decay that reaches the nerve of the tooth without infection, and deceive the patient into thinking that there is no pain and that the decay is simple.

What is the duration of root canal treatment and endodontic treatment?

In most cases, the completion of Root canal treatment within one or two sessions at most, but if the patient suffers from a dental abscess or severe inflammation in the nerve channels, we may need additional sessions to ensure the clean of nerve channels to be free of bacteria and symptoms of inflammation.

What problems may occur during endodontic treatment?

The length of the guttaburcha filling used must be the same as the length of the tooth nerve to replace it within the nerve canals. If the filling is short or long, problems occur and the patient begins to feel constant pain.

One of the common problems is a break in one of the cleaning needles inside the nerve canals, in this case the doctor try to remove it or to sterilize the broken tool inside the tooth if he fails to remove it.

How is nerve length determined?

Using an apex locator device to accurately determine the length of the nerve and then confirm it by x-rays.

What is the price of root canal treatment?

The price of nerve fillings at Wonders Dental Center ranges from 750 to 1500 pounds, depending on the number of nerve channels and the difficulty of placing the tooth.